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    Helen Slater

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    December 15, 1963 —

    Let's say you want to watch a Superman movie this weekend. No reason, just in the mood. You've watched the Christopher Reeve stuff more than enough. The Brandon Routh reboot is execrable, in that we've enjoyed our own excretions more than that film. And the more recent release has yet to awaken from its chrysalis in the transformation between theater and home.

    So, you say, what about Supergirl? Yes this movie actually happened. It was released and everything, and even featured Jimmy Olsen (Mark McClure, not a Jew) from the Christopher Reeve films as a kind of spinoff kind of thing.

    Don't be mistaken, the movie is almost completely unwatchable and Helen Slater is sadly just attractive enough to make the role not completely implausible. But hey! Jewish superhero!

    So, whatever, you're gonna watch it.

    You settle down to your Netflix account and... nope. No Supergirl. You flip on cable for some On Demand. No dice. You drive down to the Redbox next to Schnuck's (you live in St. Louis in this scenario. Hey, it's not like we're making this up as we go along), but it's nowhere to be found.

    Yes, we've reached this point: if only there were a store you could drive to where they let you borrow a wide range of physical copies of movies for a nominal fee.

    Stupid future!

    Verdict: Jew.

    October 10, 2013

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