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    Idina Menzel

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    (Idina Mentzel)
    May 30, 1971 —

    We saw that Disney is adapting Hans Christian Andersen's "The Snow Queen" into this year's animated feature, and our hopes immediately jumped up. After all, "The Snow Queen" was one of our favorite fairy tales growing up.

    Alas, it looks like Disney left little from the original story. They obviously kept the Snow Queen (played by Idina Menzel, Jew), but the rest is not exactly recognizable. They even changed the title to "Frozen".

    On the surface, there is little reason to modify the story. "The Snow Queen" is a perfect Disney tale: two children, a boy (Kai) and a girl (Gerda), grow up together. The Snow Queen kidnaps Kai, and Gerda overcomes all sort of obstacles to rescue him. It's built-in with a strong female character, a growing-up story, and TALKING ANIMALS. Why mess with it?

    So we said, never mind Disney, let's just rediscover the story with our children! So we dug out the book, and... oh boy.

    Oh, most of the story is as we remembered it, but it looks like what we read as children must have been the abridged version. You see, Andersen filled it with numerous Christian allusions. In fact, the whole story can be seen as an allegory: Kai, at the moment he is captured by the Snow Queen, immediately forgets his prayers. When he is rescued, it is with Gerda reciting a prayer, as it helps melt his frozen heart. In fact, the whole story is framed with a psalm about the Christ child.

    On second thought... maybe it's good that Disney changed it.

    Verdict: Jew.

    July 12, 2013

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