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    Sylvan Goldman

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    November 15, 1898 – November 25, 1984

    Excuse us, we were gonna write today's profile, but we just had to run to the store. Looks like we're out of bananas. And detergent. And bologna, gotta have some bologna. And who finished off that orange juice? Do we have enough toilet paper to last a week? Oh boy.

    So, let's start in the deli, and pick up some of that delicious(?) bologna. Moving on to produce, here's a nice bunch of bananas. What's next? Detergent? Ugh. Our hands are already full! What are we to do?

    Well, take a shopping cart, of course! Why didn't we thinking of it earlier?

    Actually, no one had thought of it until 1937. This is when Sylvan Goldman, a Jew from Oklahoma(!), got the great idea of putting a basket on a frame and adding wheels to it. The rest is history.

    So here we go, detergent, orange juice, and toilet paper, and our hands are free! Now to rush home and write that profile!

    Whoever are we gonna write about?...

    Verdict: Jew.

    May 30, 2013

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