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    Donald Sobol

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    October 4, 1924 – July 11, 2012

    He's a smart kid, and whatever problems he has, he can solve them with his mind. In fact, his brain has made him a bit of a celebrity. But it doesn't make him strange, or weird — just talented.

    His best friend is a girl. A pretty girl, naturally. But also whip smart and good in a fight. She is his staunch supporter, his close confidant.

    His parents are supportive, but in that way that only fictional parents can: there only when he needs them. The constant trust that lets him solve his own problems, but also the blind faith to be there whenever he does need them.

    There's a bully, of course, there always is. But this antagonist is easily beaten, a foil more than a fear. A punching bag with only the good sense to come back and give our hero yet another easy victory.

    Is there a more Jewish fantasy than this? The goyim dream of winning the big game. The pretty girl on the sideline, cheering them on. The gentile fantasy involves physical dominance, imposing villains, bombshell babes.

    Jews? A brain, a loyal female friend, and a world built for us to conquer.

    So yeah, Encyclopedia Brown. Makes sense, right?

    Verdict: Jew.

    May 22, 2013

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