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    Paul Allen

    Jew Score:



    January 21, 1953 —

    Believe it or not, dear readers, not everyone likes our website. Strange, we know!

    And we're not talking about hate mail (but boy, do we ever get hate mail!). We're talking about complaints.

    Oh, your premise is pretty good, people say, but your execution is off. What's with all the snark? What's with profiles which don't even talk about the supposed subject? Why are so many goyim listed? And, most importantly, where is your proof?

    So, for those readers, we present the profile of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, labeled Jewish by Encyclopedia Judaica. We'll dig into his ancestry and deliver the proof!

    Paul Allen was born in 1953 in Seattle, the son of Kenneth and Edna Allen, neither of them Jewish.

    Paul's father, Kenneth, was born...

    Shrug. We're bored to death already. Allen's ancestry is readily available out there; you can find it yourself if you want. WASP after WASP after WASP after WASP. There's not a Jew in sight. Encyclopedia Judaica is, somehow, wrong.

    Maybe they should be the ones receiving complaints.

    Verdict: Sadly, not a Jew.

    February 13, 2013

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