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    Wolfgang Pauli

    Jew Score:



    April 25, 1900 – December 15, 1958

    What is the most American name ever? Not the most common American name (Jim Smith or the like), but the name that makes you think, "holy COW, that dude is from the USA!" Probably Brad Thompson or Derek Brown or something, right?

    The most Canadian name? Wayne McKenzie.

    English? Nigel Higgenbotham. French? Jacques Rouillard. And so forth.

    So is Wolfgang Pauli the most German name you could possibly conjure? Well, no, actually. First of all, Wolfgang Schmidt would be better. But second — and really we all saw this coming right? — Wolfgang (which means hero led by the wolf of victory) is actually Jewish.

    The number of Jews named Wolfgang? Probably the same number of Mexicans named Nigel Higgenbotham. But there ya go.

    Anyway, Pauli is (was) a famous physicist, best known for the Pauli Exclusion Principle: a law regarding how fermions (exceptionally small particles) spin, which sounds like it's not a big deal except it's totally a really big deal. The principle basically allows matter to exist as we know it and is currently being applied along with quantum entanglement to allow for actual, real, Star Trek-esque teleportation. Yes, really.

    But this is JewOrNotJew.com, so all we really care about is what the Jewiest name would be. Well, we're guessing it's probably something like Moishe Talmud or Joshua Torah.

    Y'know, a name so ridiculously Jewish no one would actually be called such a thing.

    Verdict: Borderline Jew.

    November 19, 2012

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