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    Dutch Sam

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    (Sam Elias)
    April 4, 1775 – July 3, 1816

    Boxing. The sweet science. Two men standing on a mat pounding each other with gloves until someone drops. Talk about your primordial sport.

    Of course, it wasn't always like that. It was much, much worse. What we now know as modern boxing evolved from street fighting. No mats. No gloves. No mercy. Lots and lots of blood.

    And, yes, some Jews. We already profiled Daniel Mendoza, considered by some the father of modern boxing. There was also Sam Elias, known as Dutch Sam, whose contributions to the sport were also vital.

    Sam, also known as "The Man with the Iron Hand" and (greatest nickname EVER!) "The Terrible Jew", invented the uppercut. That's right, before him, the goyim couldn't figure out that more power can be produced by bringing your hand up. Those goyim literally didn't know what hit them.

    Sam retired undefeated, before coming back six years later and losing for the first time to a much younger fighter. So maybe boxing hasn't changed THAT much?

    Verdict: Jew.

    September 4, 2012

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