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    Marlee Matlin

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    August 24, 1965 —

    We have a bone to pick with Marlee Matlin.

    Oh sure, she's a good actress. Whenever we see her show up in our weekly watching schedule we're excited to see her. She's even a pivotal player in one of the all time good Seinfeld episodes.

    Of course, like our ol' friend Hank Azaria, Marlee's probably best kept from a full time feature. But then again she did win an Oscar for "Children of a Lesser G-d," so maybe we're actually underrating her.

    And sure, Marlee's a good Jew. She was raised Jewish. She made Bat Mitzvah (she went the extra mile to learn Hebrew phonetically and guarantee her spot on the bimah). In fact, she's still openly, proudly Jewish. You don't get much better than that.

    But, and here's our issue, can you spread your wings maybe a little, Marlee? The deaf girlfriend, the deaf medical patient, the deaf cop, the deaf pollster... Sensing a theme, here? Seriously, Marlee, you're clearly a talented actress. Break out of that typecasting! Do something different for once!

    Yes, yes, we know she's deaf in real life. But Mel Gibson is a fucking idiot and that's never stopped him from playing against type.

    Verdict: Jew.

    June 21, 2012

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