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    Dan Orlovsky

    Jew Score:



    August 18, 1983 —

    Who is the worst quarterback in NFL history?

    Ryan Leaf, many will quickly answer. The over-hyped meathead was once thought to rival Peyton Manning, but washed out from the league after three absolutely atrocious seasons.

    But at least Leaf led his team to a couple of victories... which we can't say about Dan Orlovsky.

    As of this writing, poor Dan is still winless. He had the misfortune of taking over midway through the 2008 season for the hapless Detroit Lions. Orlovsky promptly lost all seven of his starts as the Lions finished a historic winless season; the lasting highlight was him unknowingly running out of his team's endzone. And now, Orlovsky is quarterbacking the Manningless Indianapolis Colts, who are three games away from a winless season of their own.

    And no, Orlovsky's numbers are not that bad; in his career, he's actually thrown more touchdowns than interceptions. And no, the losses are clearly not all his fault, for the 2008 Lions and the 2011 Colts were terrible before Orlovsky became a starter. But it's not like he's helping either.

    And no, he is not Jewish. Whew.

    Verdict: Not a Jew.

    December 15, 2011

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