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    Boris Gurevich

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    February 23, 1937 – November 12, 2020

    Wrestling is a funny sport, and no, we don't mean the WWE version of it. (That's not a sport, that's theater for the brain-dead.) We mean the Olympic version: all the grabbing, the holding, the twitching... the homoeroticism? Sure, fine, the homoeroticism.

    So do Jews wrestle? Believe it or not, they do, or at least did. By our count, there have been at least seven Jewish wrestling Olympic gold medalists, spanning 1908 to 1968. And, to pick one, Boris Gurevich won it all for the Soviets at the 1952 games in Helsinki, taking the gold in the Greco-Roman flyweight class.

    And then, not to be outdone, 16 years later in Mexico City, Gurevich repeated as champion, winning the middleweight class in freestyle...

    Wait. That doesn't seem right. Two gold medals, 16 years apart, in different styles and different weight classes?

    Aha! Well, wouldn't you know: TWO Boris Gureviches, unrelated, as far as we know. Two Jews. Two Soviet Olympic wrestling champions. One in 1952, the other in 1968.

    But we still can't get past the grabbing and the holding.

    Verdict: Jew.

    October 25, 2011

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