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    Scott Caan

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    August 23, 1976 —

    A couple of years ago, we tried to defend "Entourage", saying how, despite the show's supposed drop in quality, we still found it funny. Well, after two unbearable seasons that concluded the show's run, we must say it: "Entourage" jumped the shark. Big time.

    For those unfamiliar with the concept, "jump the shark" refers to the moment when an initially good TV show takes a turn for the worse. It is named after a "Happy Days" episode when the Fonz tried to... jump a shark. Literally. On water skis.

    So when did "Entourage" jump the shark? We would say it came with the introduction of Scott Caan's character. He played a rival to Kevin Connolly's Eric Murphy who somehow integrated himself with the crew. Soon, the douchebag quotient (we are not sure if Scott, the son of James Caan, is one in real life, but on the show, he was a textbook douche) was through the roof, and laughter was receding to the point of non-existence. Even Ari and Drama, two characters who brought it every episode up to that point, were reduced to shells of their former selves.

    Yet we continued to watch. Why, oh why? Maybe we thought that the show used to make us laugh, and maybe, somewhere, beneath the douchiness, it still could do it. Maybe we wanted to see how it all ended. Maybe...

    Maybe next time, instead of defending a declining TV show, we'll keep our mouths shut.

    Verdict: Borderline Jew.

    October 10, 2011

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