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    Adam Mickiewicz

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    December 24, 1798 – November 26, 1855

    If this was PolishOrNotPolish.com, Adam Mickiewicz would get the perfect 5/5/5 score. After all, he is considered the greatest poet in Polish history.

    If this was LithuanianOrNotLithuanian.com, Adam Mickiewicz (scratch that: Adomas Mickevicius, those pesky Lithuanians tack their silly endings onto everything), would get the perfect 5/5/5 score. After all, he is considered the greatest poet in Lithuanian history.

    But this is JewOrNotJew.com. So we're not here to debate whether Mickiewicz was Polish or Lithuanian, because when Poles and Lithuanians argue, there are no winners (scratch that: there are winners, but they are those unfriendly neighbors, the Russians and the Germans). We're here to figure out if Adam Mickiewicz, who was a devout Catholic, was even remotely Jewish. And that's not that simple.

    There are a number of theories about Mickiewicz's ancestry, and one of them claims that his mother came from a converted Jewish family. And he did try to organize a Jewish legion during the Crimean war. So...

    So we'll never know for sure. Alas, unless something concrete appears, we'll have to go with "Not a Jew". We don't want to get in the middle of the Polish-Lithuanian argument, after all.

    Now, if this was BelarusianOrNotBelarusian.com... (scratch that: no one cares about Belarusians.)

    Verdict: Sadly, Not a Jew.

    September 1, 2011

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