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    David Copperfield

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    (David Seth Kotkin)
    September 16, 1956 —

    We said it before... Jews and Germans don't mix. So when Claudia Schiffer shows up on the arm of master illusionist David Copperfield, you assume that the Aryan beauty found herself another goy to spend her time with.

    But then you look at Coppefield and find that behind that Dickensian pseudonym and a cloud of mystery that surround his profession lie Semitic features and the name of David Seth Kotkin, of Russian Jewish New Jersey roots. And then you start wondering... Maybe we shouldn't be so harsh on Germans. Maybe a new day has started. Maybe if a beautiful German woman can find love with a Jew from Jersey, we're entering a brand new world of peace, love, understanding, and magic.

    So what that their love disappeared faster than the Statue of Liberty in Copperfield's most famous illusion. So what that Claudia ended up marrying some offspring of British nobility. So what that Copperfield is slipping into irrelevance. For that brief time in the 90s, their union showed that that there are no ethnic barriers to love... For famous, rich, beautiful people.

    As for us... We'll need some longer-lasting examples to change our mind about the Germans. In other words, don't expect us to wear lederhosen, chomp down sausages, and celebrate Oktoberfest any time soon.

    Well, maybe the lederhosen.

    Verdict: Jew.

    May 14, 2007

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