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    Ed Rendell

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    January 5, 1944 —

    Most people know Rudy Giuliani, mayor of New York who turned the city around in the mid-90s after decades of neglect (some of it intentional) had turned the Big Apple into a big turd.

    But Ed Rendell, former mayor of Philadelphia, had a much harder job and did just as well. Cleaning up NYC was like fixing up an old mansion on a good street. Making Philly a place you might consider visiting, let alone live in? Please. That's outhouse to penthouse territory.

    Most people are also well aware of who Ted Kennedy was, the last survivor of his once-great family who became Massachusetts' Democratic mascot in the Senate. But how many people know Ed Rendell, who has served a similar purpose for the people of Pennsylvania, serving as their governor until this last election? Both were deemed as rather loud and silly at times and swam through their share of scandals, but both did their share of good as well for their respective states.

    Plus, Ed Rendell never murdered anyone, unlike Senator Kennedy. And never "bent" the rules as a DA like Giuliani did to improve his conviction rates. In comparison to those checkered pasts a few ill-thought out comments about the Chinese nation's willingness to attend football games seem rather cute, in retrospect.

    So why no love for Ed Rendell? Well it couldn't be because he's Jewish and the other two are "good Christians" could it?

    Well, we've never stooped to making such blind accusations before. So let's just say it's because nobody gives a damn about Pennsyltucky (and rightfully so) and just move on.

    Verdict: Jew.

    February 22, 2011

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