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    Bob Dylan

    Jew Score:



    (Robert Allen Zimmerman)
    May 24, 1941 —

    We love Bob Dylan.

    Like a dorky 13-year old with a crush on the prettiest girl in school, we can't help but sigh wistfully at just the sound of his name.

    One of the greatest American poets. The voice of an entire generation. The inspiration for other greats like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty.


    But just like that pretty shiksa with the blond curls and the pink, fuzzy sweaters, Bob appears to want nothing to do with us.

    Born Jewish. Raised Jewish. Bob became a born again Christian in the early 80's. Yet we're still willing to forgive. Why doesn't he see we're so much better for him than that jerk, Christ?

    We need him so much more. There are so many cool outwardly Christian rockers. Look at Bono. We just want one. ONE! But no, we're stuck with Barbra Streisand and half of Lenny Kravitz.

    So come on Bob. Be a pal. Make your visits to temple more than just an Internet rumor. Come back. After all, you are our 100th profile. And what better way to celebrate?

    It doesn't matter how many songs you write about Jesus (and you've written so many at this point, we're starting to think your creepy teenage boy-crush is on him). We want you as one of us.

    Think about it. Take your time.

    We'll be waiting right here when you decide....

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    April 24, 2007

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