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    Jonathan Krohn

    Jew Score:



    March 1, 1995 —

    "Look at this," say our right-wing readers, glancing down at the Jew Score. "A five! Figures! Obviously, these Jew or Not Jew pinkos can't appreciate the greatness of Jonathan Krohn! They are just jealous that he is a published author and television pundit before hitting puberty! This boy will be president someday! You just watch! (evil right-wing cackle) You just watch!"

    Slow down, dear right-wingers. For Jonathan's low Jew Score doesn't have much to do with his political views, but has everything to do with him describing himself as a "Jewish Christian". A Jewish Christian? What on G-d's holy Earth is that?

    Krohn goes to a Baptist church, was active in Christian youth theater, and attended Christian schools before (big surprise coming up!) his parents started to homeschool him. So where does the "Jewish" part come from?

    Oh. His mommy converted from Judaism to Christianity. Terrific, Jonathan. Way to grasp both sides of the Judeo-Christian values that you're trying to preach.

    We could go on, but... the kid is barely out of diapers. We're gonna let him be. For you, our right-wing readers.

    (Editor's update: Apparently, he flip-flopped his political views and no longer considers himself a Conservative. And has described himself as Jewish. So much for this profile?)

    Verdict: Barely a Jew.

    January 4, 2011

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