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    Saint Anne

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    Did Jesus have a grandmother? Frankly, it's never a question we ever pondered, because we are, you know, Jews. However, a recent Jeopardy clue sent us on a trail of Christian mythology. Allow us to share.

    You'd think the trail started in the Bible? Nope! There is absolutely no mention of Mary's parents in there. Trust us, we looked. (That's a lie. We didn't look. There is nothing, not even a Jew or Not Jew profile, that will ever make us read that lesser of the testaments.)

    And yet, as Jeopardy told us, "a tradition in Northern European art was to show the virgin and child not with Joseph, but with this saint, the virgin's mother". What gives?

    Well, the Christians just made her up. (Come to think of it, they made most of it up.) Around the 6th century, someone named Anne started to appear as Mary's mother as part of something called the "New Testament apocrypha". We can't figure out if the goyim consider that canon or not, and yet Anne has staked her place, and not just in Northern European art. Eastern Orthodoxy are big fans, and this profile's picture is from a painting from the one and only Leonardo.

    So, did Jesus have a grandfather? What kind of a silly question is that! Do you think Anne had an immaculate conception?

    That's just utter poppycock.

    Verdict: Jew.

    April 22, 2022

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